Technical Report

Worship and Church

This year has seen a number of changes in the technological life of the church.

One of the most noticeable changes is our fantastic new screens which have been paid for by a very generous anonymous donation. They have now been in use for some months and feedback has been positive and are certainly an improvement from the old worn out projector.

Work is mostly completed with a few more changes and finishing off to do. A big thank you to all the people who have given up the time to help with the installation, John, Matthew, Ali, Charles, Heflin, Will and anyone else who has helped out, and I have forgotten! Thanks also to Alex and Nana for their help in laying out the cables when work first started!

The church has also moved into the modern era with the fitting of WiFi throughout the building. The coverage seems to be good, and it has certainly is well used.

In March, we had the first full training course with the sound system which was fully booked. In addition to learning how to use the sound system fully, we shared lunch and had plenty of laughs. There will be another sound system course at some point in the autumn as other people have expressed an interest. There will also be a ‘visual worship’ course covering the use of the new screens and creating content to display shortly.

We are looking for more people to get involved so, please come and speak to me if you would like to know more. It’s not as scary as it first appears (just ask Lyneth!).

Website and Social Media

The website continues to be well used, and new content is put up regularly. On average we get around 20 visitors a day during the week with a spike of anything up to 200 visitors over weekends. This is especially true with special events and services such as Easter, Christmas, Café Arts and the African-Caribbean Evening.

The church Facebook page is also something that is seeing increasing use and is proving very valuable in reaching out to people who are on the fringes or not even involved in the church. On average, posts reach between 50-100 people. However, some posts reach much wider. The recent post about the hot cross buns being given out at Easter reached over 2400 people, and we have had a request for information from a Methodist church in Wolverhampton!

Both the website and Facebook consume content at an incredible rate to keep both fresh and up to date. If you have anything to put up, please send it to me as soon as possible after the event. For the website, a paragraph of text and a photo is fine, although more is also fine, for Facebook just photos/videos are fantastic!

Interacting with posts is also incredibly helpful, liking a post will increase the number of people who get to see it, commenting and sharing will increase the number of people it reaches even more!

Andrew Logan