World Mission Report

World Mission is part of the Methodist Church and carries out charitable activities. Funds are raised through the Easter Offering, JMA and individual giving. In 2014/15 Easter Offerings amounted to £267.35.

The church from their own funds, in 2014/15 made two donations to this fund, one for £500 and the other for £100.

Money raised is used to support various activities. It works through partnerships with other Methodist churches and other organisations; they also, run programmes helping underprivileged people in the UK and other countries in Africa, West Indies and Asia.

The World Mission asks that we pray for the projects that they are working on in Pakistan, Solomon Islands, Leeward Islands, Rwanda, Brazil and the work of The World Methodist Council, who now have offices in the Methodist Church offices in London 

May we lift their needs to God, that through his Grace many will be helped?

Prayer Points

  • Praise God for the Hanne Home in Pakistan, and for the safety of

Christian worship areas, communities and institutions.

  • Pray for communities in Solomon Islands, whose lives are impacted by the daily realities of climate change, and who may face relocation away from their island homes.
  • Praise the Lord for the Virtues after-school programme. Pray that the children on the programme will continue to grow spiritually and in wisdom (Leeward Islands).
  • Thank God for the role that SALT is playing in the development of the Free Methodist Church Rwanda.
  • Pray for Revd Maria do Carmo Moreira Lima and her work with youth offenders in Brazil.
  • Pray for the work of the World Methodist Council, and for Bishop Ivan Abrahams, as he takes up semi-permanent residence at Methodist Church House.

Thank you for your prayers and support through the Easter Offerings and Church Funds.

Janet Wilson