Worship at Home (Catch-Up)

Worship at Home (Catch-Up)

Most of our services are now live streamed, you can join in live or check the schedule here: live.hounslowmethodist.org.uk

Many of our services are recorded for you to listen again, in audio and/or video. Where possible we provide a text transcript of the sermon and some services (those in the series “Worship at Home“) we provides a full service sheet.

Many of the sermons are in an audio format, you can get these sent directly to your device by subscribing to our podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts or via this link.

Pentecost Sunday – Hope for the Hopeless

The Pentecost story is one of hope: hope when all seemed lost to the first disciples, and a reality of hope for us still today. In this week’s service, Rev Adam will share his thoughts – and John will attempt a science experiment to show what it’s like to ‘Live in the Spirit’!