Christian Aid Report

We had our annual collection for Christian Aid Week in May 2015.

We were also able to send money raised through The Coffee Stop.

In June, there was a special day on promoting the Climate Campaign, which is where I went along to the Service in St Margaret’s (another was held at another venue at the same time as there were so many people wanting to go) although I wasn’t able to go with them to lobby MPs.

Celia came with me to take part in the Christian Aid sponsored walk in Richmond Park in Sep raising approx.  £200

I attended a volunteer evening where we found out about this year’s Week and shared experiences of helping last year.

I attended a day for volunteer speakers. We learnt what life is like in Bangladesh from one of the partner organisations. We heard about the work done at home researching and commenting on government policies. Then the group I joined talked about what we thought would be involved in giving a talk. Some had done this several times, others like me hadn’t so we had experienced talks from the partner of the speaker and that of hearers. So seeing it from both sides made for an interesting discussion.

I also hope to go to a volunteer day for people interested in the office side of things.

This year, Margaret and Ali have organised a Christian Aid Big Brekkie on the last Saturday of Christian Aid week – this being a new event which Christian Aid have created. We will have the annual envelope collection, but no House to House Collection for Whitton (we had helped Whitton Methodist with this) as the organiser has stepped down.

Katrina Rowland