Open Pages – Stories of Life & Faith

Open Pages – Stories of Life & Faith

Open Pages are a series of interviews started during Lent and Easter 2021 to find out more about the amazing stories within our church community. Over the weeks we will be interviewing many different people, those you would expect and those you wouldn’t. We hope they provide encouragement and inspiration for you.

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Charles (Series 2, Episode 03)

In this episode of Open Pages we hear from one of our Senior Stewards, Charles. We learn about his childhood, education, journey of faith and how he ended up at Bell Road. Video Interview Podcast Version (Audio Only)

Dinnie (Series 2, Episode 01)

To start our new series of open pages John interviews Dinnie, they talk about her youth, faith, career and experience with COVID. Video Interview Podcast Version (Audio Only)

Urmi (MHA Bonus Episode)

In this special bonus episode for MHA Sunday, Urmi tells us about her calling to work at David’s House in Harrow. Video Interview Podcast (Audio Only)

Megan Thomas (Series 1, Episode 09)

For our very exciting last episode of open pages (for this series, we may have more in the future!), Meg tells us about her time growing up in rural wales, becoming Methodist youth present, her thoughts on youth in the church and how the resurrection is like an orange! Video Interview Podcast Version (Audio Only)

Rev. Barbara McIntivey (Series 1, Episode 08)

John talks to Barbara about her life, ministry, time in Sierra Leone, Gambia and returning to the UK. We also get the story of meeting Dave and her thoughts on the future of the church. Video Interview Podcast Version (Audio Only)

Moses (Series 1, Episode 07)

Moses tells us about his life, work, calling and thoughts on faith and the resurrection. Video Interview Podcast Version (Audio Only)

Clive (Series 1, Episode 06)

Clive tells us about his childhood and experience of moving to the UK, his university studies and his thoughts on church and faith. We also find out his favourite hymn. Video Interview Podcast Version (Audio Only)

Karmen (Series 1, Episode 05)

In this incredibly deep interview, Karmen charts her life and identity through her childhood in Suffolk, moving to London, being a single parent, exploring her faith and eventually training to become a therapist. Mixed in with her stories are insights on the current situation, women rights, black lives matter and the future of the church. Video Interview Podcast (Audio Only)

Kumar (Series 1, Episode 03)

Kumar shares his childhood, his thoughts on faith, his professional life, and how he has shifted into charity work since retirement. Video Interview Podcast (Audio Only)

Bernice (Series 1, Episode 02)

For this episode, John talks to Bernice about her life & faith. In this lively interview, Bernice talks about how her childhood and student years developed her faith, her thoughts on parenting, and how her business started with an angelic visit. We also get the story of how she met Charles and came to Bell Road. Bernice could have talked for hours and hours with her infectious enthusiasm for life and God!

Lyneth Friday (Series 1, Episode 01)

In the first of our Open Pages series, John talks to Lyneth about her life and faith. From her childhood on Grenda to moving to Hounslow for the first time, Lyneth shares her wisdom for the future of the church and community.