Services by Revd. Adam Nyawo

Services by Revd. Adam Nyawo

Pentecost Sunday – Hope for the Hopeless

The Pentecost story is one of hope: hope when all seemed lost to the first disciples, and a reality of hope for us still today. In this week’s service, Rev Adam will share his thoughts – and John will attempt a science experiment to show what it’s like to ‘Live in the Spirit’!

Christian Aid Sunday

Today, as we give thanks for and support the work of Christian Aid, Rev. Adam reflects on each of the three Bible readings. We do have a beautiful and wonderful world, we are spoiling it and need to act – and we need to do it in the spirit of love and because the world and each of us individually are loved by God.

Jesus, the Caring Shepherd

The Lord is my good shepherd – and yours. The Shepherd knows you –and he knows me. Come and walk with him beside still waters. Come and have your soul restored. The image of Jesus as the Good Shepherd is a comforting yet powerful mage.Rev Adam will be reflecting on that image and what it means to be cared for by such a caring shepherd who will always be there with us.

All Are Welcome (5th Sunday in Lent)

We are called to practice hospitality and to be a welcoming church. Rev Adam explores this further looking at scripture and challenges us to examine our own actions and the extent to which we welcome and accept other.

Turning Tables (3rd Sunday in Lent)

Rev Adam reflects on this story where Jesus certainly disturbed the status quo. What can we learn from this story and how does it challenge us to ‘overturn the modern tables’ of injustice?

Coming, Ready or Not!

This week we have Music from the Music group and Matt Beckingham, opening prayers from Rajie, intercessions from Rev. Barbara and Rev. Adam preach on “The Divine Victory”.

Lest we forget

Our service for Remembrance Sunday. Rev. Adam talks about our calling to be peacemakers. The order of service can be downloaded here.

Change Begins with a Bicycle – Harvest Festival

Our harvest worship this year is based on All We Can’s havest appeal “Change Begins with a Bicycle”. It features a videos from all we can, and a sermon from Rev. Adam where we learn all about his preaching bike when he first joined the ministry. You can give to the all we can harvest appeal, via the church, by clicking here. The hymns, campaign video and prayers of intercession where created by all we can and used with permission.

A New Way

In this weeks circuit service Rev. Adam is talking about “A New Way” with guests from around the circuit. You can download the order of service here.

A New Dawn Rises

This week is our first week back in the church building! It is also the start of a new journey for the church, from next week you will be able to watch the service live and join in from home! This week is acting a ‘test’ run for the technology. You can download the service sheet here, you can watch the full service or listen to the sermon on this page. There is a small issue with audio on some…

5000 for Dinner

For our circuit service this week we look at the feeding of the 5000. Rev. Adam preaches, with guests from across the circuit (and beyond) leading the prayers, readings and hymns.

A Living Hope

Welcome to this weeks service! The service sheet is available here. You can download text versions of the sermon and prayers here. We are currently holding a collection for Action for Children on this page. Donations and your regular collection to the church can be given in the usual way here. A Living Hope – Sermon with Rev. Adam Prayers with the Agyei-Kyem Family

The Father’s Song

You can download the order of service here. If you enjoyed this service please consider giving a small amount to support the work of the church here. Verse Two – A Reading Verse Five – Zoom Sermon Verse Six – Prayers

Trinity Sunday

You can download the order of service here. A text version of the sermon is available here. If you enjoyed this service please consider giving a small amount to support the work of the church here. Prayers are from RootsOnTheWeb Full Service Sermon Only

The Promised Helper

The Order of Service can be downloaded here. You can download text versions of the sermon and prayers of intercession here. Part 6 – Song Part 7 – John 14:15-21 Part 8 – The Promised Helper – Sermon Part 9 – Prayers of Intercession

Worship at Home

Order of Service Download the order of service containing the whole service here. Sermon, Readings and Prayers of Intercession (9,10,12,13) Download the transcript here In Christ Alone Recorded by the St. Mary’s and St. Peter’s CE School Senior Choir. Used with permission. He’s got the Whole World in His hands Recorded by the St. Mary’s and St. Peter’s CE School Reception classes used with permission.

Give your gifts to God – JMA Sunday

“From very small things, even the ordinary things, God can do extraordinary things”. Revd. Adam talks about the feeding of the five thousand and asks the question. How do we need feeding today? What can God do with our gifts?

Wonders of Creation

God has given us an incredible world and creation is a sign of His goodness. Can we see the wonder of God in the world? Why do we abuse it? How can we live in harmony with creation? Revd. Adam launches our campaign in his first service with us.