Services on Acts

Services on Acts

The Ascension

Can you imagine what is must have been like for those who witnessed this amazing event – Jesus ascending to heaven? Readings Acts 1: 1-11Luke 24: 44-53


This week John explores the story of Philip and the Ethiopian and asks the question. ‘What’s to stop us on this journey?’ Reading John 15:1-8Acts 8: 26-40

Pentecost Sunday – Hope for the Hopeless

The Pentecost story is one of hope: hope when all seemed lost to the first disciples, and a reality of hope for us still today. In this week’s service, Rev Adam will share his thoughts – and John will attempt a science experiment to show what it’s like to ‘Live in the Spirit’!

A New Hope Rises

We continue on our theme from last week with “A New Hope Rises” led by Rajie. You can download the service sheet here.


You can download the service sheet here. Text versions of the videos (except reading) can be found in the additional sheet. If you enjoyed this service please consider giving a small amount to support the work of the church here. Hymn – Spirit of God, Unseen as the Wind Action Prayer Reading – Acts 2:1-21 Address Poem – A Picture of Pentecost