Services on Isaiah

Services on Isaiah

Our Father

Readings Isaiah 41: 10Luke 15:11-24

God is with us in Peace – 3rd Sunday in Advent

God is with us in peace, or is he? John talks about peace in our world today and how the Christmas story can relate to bringing about peace. There are hymns from the music group and Dawn, prayers from Jo and we hear some more about our Christmas appeals from Kam and Dinnie.

Lockdown and Forward

This week is a full length service which you can watch below. The service sheet is available here. This also contains words for the songs included in the service as they are not included on the video itself. You can download text versions of the first two reflections here. Today is also Action for Children Sunday, please remember the charity and those they care for in your prayers. Find out more about their work here. The collection this week is…

“The Bread of Life”

How many of you enjoy eating? We all do! I am sure. I certainly do. Satisfying our taste buds is one of the great pleasures in life.  And because it is, eating is always a great topic of conversation. Everyone loves to talk about food! In fact, if you ever find yourself in a room full of strangers, one sure way to break the ice and get people talking is to mention food. Let me tell you a story. A…