UNCLE – Uplifting Nepal’s Children with Love and Education

UNCLE – Uplifting Nepal’s Children with Love and Education

In light of the recent events in Nepal the church is proud to be supporting the UNCLE, a small charity supporting two orphanages and communities in Nepal.

The charity, UNCLE, (standing for Uplifting Nepal’s Children with Love and Education) was set up a few years ago by the then minister, Rev Ian Smart and a few people from the church in Royston after Ian met up with someone who came from a small church in a small village near Kathmandu. Initially it started when Philip, from Nepal, asked if Ian felt he could sell some items made from people in his village and by children in an orphanage and school that they ran. The answer was yes and items were sold and money sent and a relationship began that resulted in Ian and then some men from the church going to Nepal to help build a church and improve the children’s home. What they experienced there fired them to come back to start raising funds to help longer term and so the charity was born. A personal relationship has been established between the charity and church and the churches in Nepal.

It is a registered charity, raising money from donations. Some of the men who had retired early even set up a little business for a while after they took early retirement decorating and doing odd jobs with at least half of all their profits going directly to UNCLE. They are really committed!

The funds raised support the Himalayan Hope Church and the orphanage they run in Kathmandu and the Glorious Ministry Church and their orphanage in Hetauda a little further south. UNCLE funds make a majority contribution to their food, clothing, medical costs and their education. They also provide material support and prayer to support the worship life of the Christians in the area.

The present situation is of course so tragic. News is that the children are all ok though several have been taken ill and are requiring medical help. The orphanages, though still standing, are unsafe. In one repairs are possible but the other has serious problems with the foundations and as soon as it is considered safe the plan will be to demolish the building saving the bricks, correct the foundations and then rebuild. But not yet until the earth becomes more stable. The children are sleeping in tents, they are short of water and food, the rains have started early and they have experienced very cold conditions at night. UNCLE have sent tents, food, water and clothing to the children and their families (some have families but they are unable to support their children) and to local villages.  Last weekend over 100 tents and 430 bags of rice were distributed as well as many other supplies to villages partly funded by UNCLE, with UNCLE funded transport.

Reports are heartbreaking – about the smell of death and decay, the continuing and very real fear and uncertainty, and the lack of basic living essentials. The home village of one of the house parents at one of the orphanages has completely disappeared.

In the next few days you will be able to gain access to up-to-date news via their new site and by watching a video produced about their work. As a family the Germany/Logan family are pleased because we have been able to pay a part in that  – there’s a story to tell! Joan has wanted to get rid of the stair lift that was installed for Ron but the buyback is next to nothing. Graham, one of the trustees of UNCLE and a good friend who also has a background in marketing, took it on as a project and was told that whatever he got he could have the money for UNCLE. He did – they doubled the original offer when they heard about the money going to charity – then doubled again when they heard where it was going to!  Then they have arranged and paid for a revamp of the website and a video to be made to go on it. Wow!

The most recent news was sent by Ian on Wednesday, the day after the second earthquake:

I have spoken to David at the Himalayan Hope Church and he, Mariya and all the children there are fine, but scared. Dev is currently distributing aid, but he has heard from Maya that all the children in the Glorious Ministry orphanage are fine, “But I hear from orphans from Maya that the house moved like paper house.” We have not heard any news from any of the other hospitals and schools in the last 24 hours.

Over the coming weeks, months and even years please continue to pray for the people of Nepal. The church will be taking a retiring collection over the coming weeks, please give what you can.