Praying for our country: ‘Truth, Justice, Peace, Well-being’

Praying for our country: ‘Truth, Justice, Peace, Well-being’

After the election this week, whatever your thoughts on its outcome, you may wish to share in this reflection and prayer as we look to the future.

For those who are now taking political office, that in serving our communities and national life – truth, justice, peace and wellbeing might become priorities for all.

For those for whom these results mean significant change – that they might find grace and wisdom for the way ahead.

That those with leadership and influence will act wisely and in the interests of all people – seeking stability and justice for our world.

That as Christian citizens in society, regardless of whether we currently face the prospect with relish or trepidation, we will have wisdom and courage to seek God’s Kingdom and pursue his purpose in the emerging political landscape.

For those whose Christian identity has inspired them to serve in public life – that they might act as faithful followers of Jesus in every circumstance they face.

(These prayers are part of a reflection written by Rev Phil Jump after the election – Which can be found here)