Thursday Bible Study

Our Bible Study group has continued with great success and enthusiasm.  Thanks to our group of between 13 – 16 people.  Some have only joined during the Lent Studies, but we have been pleased to share with others from some churches in the Circuit.

Many thanks to Rev. Emma for her guidance and leadership, to those who have been brave enough to lead some sessions too.

At the end of the Lent session when we met weekly, we decided to continue meeting weekly, so we are giving this a try.

We started out in September, to study the book of Hebrews, we are now up to chapter 10. What an insight!

It has been very interesting, and we have learnt a lot about the meaning of sacrifice, what it is to follow Christ, to have faith and Jesus’ importance. How all these things relate to the old Jewish practices and how Jesus changed all of this with his sacrifice?

During the Lent period, we used the Circuit prepared Lent Study Guide, “Glimpses of the Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus.”

We explored the meaning of the various topics, using many types of resources; everyone enjoyed it and felt they had a good insight into the workings of the Holy Spirit.  It is fascinating to learn about the ways the Holy Spirit was expressed in the Old Testament and during Jesus’ time.

This report would not be complete without sharing the thoughts from some of those who have attended this Bible Study Group.

Quotes from some people in the group:

  • “I look forward to Bible Studies; it is a friendly, enthusiastic, sharing, learning, joyful meeting.”
  • “I am growing so much; I am learning and getting a better understanding of the Bible.”
  • “It is the opportunity to explore ideas of others; to hear them expressing their understanding of what the writers’ of the Bible mean. There are so many translations, and the discussions’ are done amicably, and I listen carefully.”
  • “I have learnt about Forgiveness and Forgetfulness. If we forgive, we should forget, for forgiveness to be complete. Because God said ‘For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more.’ (Hebrews 8:12 NIV)
  • “It is a great learning environment. It encourages people to develop their confidence in reading and leading.”
  • “Fellowship in learning God’s scripture.”
  • “We have learnt the importance of sacrifice. Jesus was the one and only sacrifice needed. His sacrifice is enough for all the world.”
  • “Our Bible Studies is ‘healing’ it provides food for the soul.”
  • “Fellowship”
  • “I find it more informative than reading the Bible on its’ own.”

We hope it will inspire you to come along. It is a friendly open environment, and you can just listen if that is what you wish to do. As Christian’s, studying the Word of God is the source of much learning, enlightenment, and fulfilment. 


YOU WILL BE VERY WELCOME (come when you can, we meet at the church)

Janet Wilson