Stewards Annual Report

Presently there are 10 Church Stewards and 4 Holy Communion Stewards.

Church Stewards share the responsibility in cooperation with our Minister; caring and supporting each other, and together we for and serve the Church Community.

Church Stewards can be seen therefore as extra eyes and ears to the Minister. We share with our Minister confidentially and compassionately any concerns in regards to the Church Community and ministry.

We meet with our Minister 3 to 4 times a year, or can approach her at any time to have discussions or to express concerns. Suggestions are often put forward and we focus and act on ideas suitable and in enabling us to improve our calling of serving to others.

One of the main roles of the Church Steward is to be at the heart of the Church Community. We are committed and responsible for seeing that all services, some events and meetings of the church and those being hosted to the Church Community are held, either by Stewards or others.

During the past seven years, Church Stewards have adopted teamwork. We support and encourage each other to serve faithfully and joyfully with our different skills and expertise. We are committed to the idea that our Church remains welcoming, caring and friendly environment where all are welcome.

As we spot and recognise those with others gifts we encourage and welcome the skills, gifts and support in serving the Church Community and it is very much appreciated.

Thanks for Serving – Book /Door Stewards; Church preparation and refreshment Volunteers; Readers; Junior Church leaders; musicians,  and Holy Communion Stewards.

The Holy Communion Stewards are reliable and helpful, supportive of each other and others. They joyfully serve, assisting Ministers with serving Holy Communion during morning and evening services.

I have been serving in the role of Senior Steward for over five years. I feel very blessed and privileged to be serving alongside friends who are committed to doing God’s will.

With God’s direction I wish to continue serving in the role of senior Steward until the end of the church year 2016.