JMA Annual Report

Currently there are twenty five JMA Collectors.

The children’s ages range from three years to thirteen years.

They collect gifts of money monthly from their Sponsors. The Sponsors include their family members, friends and members from the church family.

In October 2014, 20 happy JMA Collectors attended the special award service and they were presented with their badges and certificates by Rev Barbara McIntivey. Five new collectors have joined the group following the service. During the last Church year, the JMA Collectors raised the sum of £968.50

Celia and Lyneth have been sharing the role of JMA secretary for many years. We thoroughly enjoy supporting, encouraging and reminding the collectors to approach their Sponsors each month for their donations.

Celia and Lyneth assist in helping to raise funds by organising and leading two coffee mornings twice each year. Collectors, families and friends are invited to attend the coffee mornings.

Rainbow, the JMA magazine we received, 4 times each year, not only for the JMA Collectors to enjoy the stories, activities, news and prayers but it is free for all children.

Each Collector is given a copy of the Rainbow when it is received and we hope that the children and their families will find useful topics in the content to talk about at home.

Heavenly Father, we give you thanks and praise for the children, families and friends who help to support JMA. We pray that the JMA collectors and Leaders continue to share and spread your word and good deeds.

We ask you to strengthen and encourage us as we learn, pray and serve with the worldwide Church.