Wellbeing: Think, Pray, Vote

Wellbeing: Think, Pray, Vote

With less than a week to go, this weeks theme is wellbeing.

We live in a culture that places much emphasis on the individual. We are bombarded by messages that tell ‘me’ to focus on what ‘I’ want, on what give comfort and security, on what is in ‘my’ best interest. ‘It’s all about me’ is one of today’s most influential mantras.

the Bible strongly affirms our importance as individuals: each person has value in God’s eyes. Jesus spoke of people individually having the potential to enjoy a relationship with God.

But… Our faith is not to make us self-centred. While it is vital we nurture our personal relationship with God, that relationship should transform how we relate to those around us. If we want others to enjoy degree of wellbeing as ourselves, it has implications about how we live – and vote.

Should we just focus on what is best for us and our families, or what would benefit all?