Traidcraft Annual Report

A big ‘Thankyou’ to all who buy regularly from the Traidcraft Stall. The importance of considering how we can use our influence as consumers and being aware of ethical issues surrounding trade remains as important as it ever was. Considering adding more Fairtrade goods to our shopping lists is one way we can do this.

Everything on the Traidcraft stall is Fairtrade, meaning that it has been produced and bought directly from producers at better, fairer prices that reflect the true cost of production and enables individuals and communities to earn a living wage. They also expect fair treatment of all workers, with the provision of good working conditions and training throughout the supply chain. An additional premium that you pay on your goods also helps fund community projects such as health facilities, tree planting etc.

The result is that some items are a few pence more expensive than other choices but there can be an assurance that the profits are being shared more fairly. Many items are actually very competitive in price so please look at the ranges both on the stall and the fairtrade ranges stocked and supermarkets carefully.

During 2014 goods totalling £2695 were sold, an increase of £272 over 2013. This year shows a small increase again.