The Shelter Project has started

The Shelters opened yesterday (2nd) with Bell Road being used each Thursday. We, together with St Mary’s Osterley, are committed to running the Thursday shelter for the next 13 weeks. This involves welcoming the guests (up to 14 men each night), providing, cooking and serving a hot evening meal and cooked breakfast as well as setting up the beds etc. A volunteer sheet was given out before Christmas with all the information about the project on – if you didn’t get one (or have lost it) more are available in the vestibule or contact Dinnie or Margaret, the shelter coordinators.

If you have not been involved before please try to get involved this year in some way – it’s a blessing to the guests but you will almost definitely find it is for you too! It’s not every week – in fact if you can go on a rota just for one week it would be good.

Thanks for all the offers of help so far – but you are not too late to volunteer!

We also need:

  • Volunteers to welcome the guests – to spend time chatting and getting to know the guests and to eat your evening meal with them. Perhaps to play a game or chat after the meal too. Approx 7.45 – 10pm
  • Volunteers to help with the cooking at home or at church – could you make a main course, peel some potatoes, make a pudding? (They could be made earlier and frozen?) You will not need to pay for ingredients.
  • Serving the meal & washing up – approx 7.45- 9.15
  • Volunteers to set up and lay the dinner tables – perhaps this is something a family could do? Between 6.15 and 7.30
  • Volunteers to set up the beds in the Gallery Room – can be done any time before 7pm on a Thursday – the day before perhaps?
  • Prayers as the shelters open and throughout the project – for the guests and volunteers and the paid caseworkers working with the men. Weekly prayer updates will be in each newsletter.

If you think you can help out please contact us. More information about donations and financial help will be posted in the coming weeks.


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