Technical Annual Report

Over this year we have started forming a Technical Team, it is still early days but in addition to myself both Charles and Kadeem have volunteered and are beginning to man the PA system and Projection during services. Like most roles in the church we are always looking for more people to get involved, ideally you need to be technically minded or willing to learn. It is also a perfect job for anyone who does not already have a regular role to do with worship. Ultimately it is our aim to have a full rota with someone on technical duty each week.

In March some major work was undertaken on the PA system with new speakers fitted and maintenance of all the equipment in the system undertaken.

Use of the projector has increased and is being used to enhance worship regularly. As such church council has started looking into improving the visual aspect of worship. We are exploring the possibility of replacing the projector with more permanent (but still movable) TV-style screens. This will allow us to place several around the church solving the issues with not always being able to see the screen. In addition we are looking at getting access to the internet with a wifi network throughout the building. This will allow us to use internet content during services, Sunday school and other events. It will also be a major bonus for the homeless shelter and coffee stop.

In October of last year the church website was completely rebuilt from scratch. It now has an up to date, mobile friendly and responsive design, allowing it to be used to almost any internet enabled device. Content is updated regularly with a calendar of events, news articles, reports and highlights added on a regular basis. There is still a bit of work to do to some of the pages but those who have looked at it regularly will have noticed it changing and improving on almost a weekly basis. As a result of this visitor numbers have increased dramatically with daily visitors numbering between 10- 15, increasing substantially over the weekends. We take regular enquires via the contact form and have had a number of visitors as a result. Keeping the website up to date takes a good deal of time and content so anyone is welcome to send me reports or other information that they feel would be good to have publicised. It doesn’t have to be much, reports of one or two paragraphs and a photo are ideal.