Shelter Update – 1st February

The shelter season is half way through! This last week the shelter was completely full – we had 14 overnight guests and provided an additional 11 meals for those turning up at the door (and volunteers were fed too!). Amazingly there was just the right amount of food! This week we served a meal of homemade chicken pie, potatoes & veg, followed by chocolate bread and butter pudding – all served by smiling volunteers at tables beautifully set by Ackhira and Karmen who (usually with Aynasia’s help) set up our tables every week. Guests and volunteers alike enjoy conversation – and the occasional card game at the end of the evening. All are offered a cooked breakfast before setting off in the morning.

We have been able to give away blankets and warm gloves, hats etc to a few people in the last few weeks that people have kindly donated. If anyone else has spare sleeping bags or blankets, warm mens coats or thick jumpers at home we would gladly take them – but please note that we do not have the room for a store of everyday clothes (please take those to a charity shop). If in doubt have a word with Dinnie or Margaret about what is suitable.

All our guests are tremendously grateful for the service we offer and we are so thankful that there are so many willing volunteers from Bell Road and St Mary’s eager to help out. Special thanks to Barbara and her team who come each Thursday to set up the beds so all is ready and welcoming for our guests each week. If you feel as though you are missing out and would like to help in some way, it is not too late with 8 weeks still to go and we will fit you into the rotas. Speak to Dinnie or Margaret for more information.

Please continue to remember the project in your prayers