Rebuild Nepal – Leprosy Mission Sunday

Rebuild Nepal – Leprosy Mission Sunday

This Sunday we heard the story of Krishna. When the earthquake of 25 April 2015 hit Nepal, Khrishna’s home was destroyed and his life changed forever by the death of his wife, who was inside the house when it collapsed. Already disabled by leprosy and now a lone parent to his two sons, life is desperately hard for Khrishna. The family is now living in a temporary shelter, which cannot protect them from the worst of the winter weather. You can hear more about Krishna and the work of Leprosy Mission in the video below. Don’t forget it is not too late to donate either with the envelopes at church or online on the Leprosy Mission UK’s website.

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    Natural disasters are reported in the news then we often forget the devastation which lasts long after they have happened.
    I am glad we can remember these victims of Leprosy and try to help, and pray for them if we cannot.
    Great we can still respond even after the official Leprosy Sunday.

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