The Gospel of John – BBC2

The Gospel of John – BBC2

A dramatized account of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus’s radical preaching and his teaching about the Kingdom of God has attracted enemies and is undermining the Jewish authorities, who want rid of this troublemaker.

Jesus must finish his teaching and preaching so keeps a low profile, while he focuses on spending time with his disciples. He knows his end his near so he prepares his disciples for their future work without him, spreading his message to love one another.

He will empower them for a challenging future. Jesus is eventually arrested in Jerusalem, betrayed by Judas and brought before the Jewish authorities. He is denied by Peter – the disciple closest to him – and brought before the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate. Jesus is sentenced and crucified. He is buried, but sometime later, reports circulate that his tomb is empty. The risen Jesus appears to a disbelieving Mary Magdalene and afterwards to the other disciples including Peter.

Filmed on location in Morocco, the Lumo Project’s Gospel of John is beautifully shot, wonderfully performed and something to be enjoyed and treasured. The film has been informed by leading world experts’ latest theological, historical and archaeological research on every aspect of life in first century Palestine.

It will be shown on BBC2 on Friday, Saturday and Monday at 8am.