Nepal Update

Dev tells me that they have only had one aftershock today – which is good news. You may be interested to know that the number of aftershocks has now passed the 1000 mark!!

If you would like to see some idea of what the initial earthquake was like, Dev has supplied two links to videos which you can see below – note how easily the building collapses on the right of the second example.

David Prasain from the Himalayan Hope Church has been telling me about their friends in “Guncha ,VDS, Sindupalchuk Deistic” where the HHC have a companion orphanage and a church, and where they have suffered a huge amount of damage destroying all the houses in the village. UNCLE has been able to use your very kind donations to provide for new roofs for the orphanage and some houses in the village and food for the children in that place. Thank you again to everyone who has been supporting us and who continues to support us as we try to just make a small difference to the lives of those we know and work with in Nepal.

Also, prayers please for Graham as he meets with Oliver Heald MP on Friday to talk with him about UNCLE and the people of Nepal. This is part of our support from EMS Lifts. The new UNCLE website is up at and contains the advertisement.