Ministers Annual Report

Dear Friends,

As for us, we have this large crowd of witnesses around us. So then, let us rid ourselves of everything that gets in the way, and of the sin which holds on to us so tightly, and let us run with determination the race that lies before us. 2 Let us keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, on whom our faith depends from beginning to end. He did not give up because of the cross! On the contrary, because of the joy that was waiting for him, he thought nothing of the disgrace of dying on the cross, and he is now seated at the right side of God’s throne. 3 Think of what he went through; how he put up with so much hatred from sinners! So do not let yourselves become discouraged and give up” (Hebrews 12:1-3).

Membership: Last year our full membership should have been recorded as 116 instead of 115. My apologies for typing the wrong figure! The Lord has continued to bless our number and especially with more  new people – Praise God.

Within the last year from 22nd June 2014 – 14th June 2015 we have received three more into membership – Kadeem; Cedelle and Rosemary were confirmed. This brings our full membership to a total of 119 .

Baptism: Again within the year two of our own were baptised – Adrien and Maneah.

Marriage: We give God thanks for bringing together in Holy Matrimony, Mark and Rosemary; John and Zendy. We are most grateful to God that these couples are members of the congregation and we continue to pray God’s blessing upon them.

Deaths: Sadly the following members passed away –Rose (23/9/2014); Oladanyo (27/12/2014) and Connie (10/2/2015). May they rest in peace as we continue to remember their families in our prayers.

Once again we have worked so hard as a church family, many achievements and challenges. A few to mention – The third Thursday evening worship continues; Lunchtime bible study group is increasing in attendance – 17 in total; The Tuesday evening bible study group also continues as well as other groups as we read the reports. We are continuing to try out many other ways of being in the presence of the Lord.

I personally want to thank everyone for all your contributions; support, understanding and making all feel welcome.

As a church we respond to needs not only within our immediate community but overseas too. A big thank you to the St. Mary’s and St. Peter’s Church of England School in Teddington, where John is the Headteacher and Andrew in charge of the computer department; for giving away 15 unused computers to schools in Ghana via Hounslow Methodist Church; I am grateful for all the Christmas time gifts to the schools and cash donations received – a total of £487.10 had been received towards the cost of shipment and installation of the computers in Ghana – a full report will be shared after August 2015.

As this is my final year in ministry within this circuit and of this church, I trust the Lord and pray “Christ, be our light! Shine in our hearts. Shine through the darkness. Christ, be our light! Shine in your church gathered today” (Singing the Faith – 706)

I will properly thank you all at my farewell next year!

Every blessing

Emma Aikins