Living in God’s presence – A message from the Manse

Living in God’s presence – A message from the Manse

“Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies?  Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.  Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered.  Don’t be afraid;  you are worth more than many sparrows.”

(Luke 12:6,7 NIV

In such times as the time we are living in, some people tend to think that no one understands them, no one cares and therefore there is nothing worthy to live for. What the world only seems to offer is pain, hurt and distress. Hence, many people spend a lifetime or a small fortune searching for someone who understands them.

If you have at one time thought like this, or still feel like this, I would like to point you to someone special who understands you. He is the Lover of your soul. His love for you is unfailing , priceless, and boundless. His name is Jesus Christ- Immanuel (God with us). His presence is always with you.

Never take for granted God’s intimate nearness. You need to trust and experience His continual Presence with you. There is no human lover who can be with you always. Nor can any person know the intimacies of your heart, mind, and spirit. God knows everything about you — your thoughts, anxieties, and joys- ‘even the number of hairs on your head’.

God understands you perfectly and loves you eternally. Friend, I can assure you that you are not only fully known and understood but also eternally loved and provided for. Just call upon Him and open your heart to receive Him as your Saviour.

Blessings, Your Friend & Minister,

Revd. Adam Nyawo