Justice – Think, Pray, Vote

Justice – Think, Pray, Vote

In the weeks leading up to the election on May 7th we are using some of the resources produced by the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT) to help us prayerfully and responsibly consider our voting responsibilities. Over four weeks we are showing a short video in church each week on the different themes of Truth, Justice, Peace and Well-being.

Thankyou to the Campaigning Group for organising this.

To take home: You will also be given a postcard each week with a reminder of the theme of the week, points to reflect on and three questions to consider as you hear or read party views, or to ask canvassers if you have the opportunity. (The materials have been in great demand so last week’s postcard on the theme of Truth was unavailable last week – you will have been given it this morning with today’s).

This week’s theme: ‘Justice’
We often talk about ‘justice’. We wonder whether people’s sentences really fit their crimes;
whether bankers deserve their bonuses; whether people should receive benefits …….
We talk about ‘social justice’ and what that implies. Justice may be defined as ‘the rendering to each person what is their due’, which then raises questions: what is a person’s due, who determines it and upon what principles do we decide such issues? Thinking about justice makes us reflect upon who we are and how we live.

Consider further: JPIT have produced Bible Studies to support each week. The Study Groups this week on Tuesday evening and Thursday lunchtime will be using them as a basis for discussion or there are a few copies on the table in the vestibule if you would like to take one to use at home.