God’s Love – A Poem by Janet Wilson

God’s Love – A Poem by Janet Wilson

This is a poem written and read by Janet for our recent International Service – “Everything in Colour”.

Jamaica, land of the golden sun
God, created the peaceful blue skies
He filled the land with many people
From all races, cultures and colours
God gave them a heart to share His love.

He sent His Son, so caring and kind
Who promised a home, high up above!
His Father’s house has many rooms
We just need – TO BELIEVE

Jamaica, pearl in the azure sea
Majestic Blue Mountains! For all to see
God blessed our land with flowers galore
People dream of the day when peace will reign

God gave us all a beautiful world
Filled with trees of green
But one became his cross, all dried and brown
The place on which our Jesus, hung in shame
He died for our sins to set us free
His blood so red, flowed as he hung there

Our gracious God,
Giver of hope and life
Created Jamaica Dunns River Falls,
Full of waterfalls, like giant steps
Puts us in mind of the stairway to heaven

How wonderful is God, our Saviour
If we but follow his way, true forgiveness we find
Our lives may travel rugged plains of kaleidoscope colours
But if we have FAITH
God will be by our side

Joys unfold in myriads of colour
For Jesus our Saviour has a heart of Gold.

Written by Janet Wilson