Coffee Stop Annual Report

Each week we are continuing to offer bacon rolls, cakes (often homemade) and a range of hot drinks. The Traidcraft and Christian Bookstall are also open each week.

The mornings are run by a team of volunteers and we are really pleased to see new faces on the team this year. With 30 or so different people involved over the past year nobody has to be there more than once a month and many just help out once a quarter so it’s not too onerous a task!

Working as a team is fun and there’s always time for a chat too so it’s not a bad way to spend a morning! Can you volunteer to help out too?

Thanks to Ian who sometimes comes in to provide a bit of live music – much appreciated!

Mornings vary – some are busy, some not, and there seems to be no reason for either, however each morning is providing a place for people to come before or after shopping or to come and meet up for a chat. We would like to encourage groups at the church to consider using Saturday mornings as a time to meet together for formal and informal meetings which give the Coffee Stop ‘a bit of a buzz’.

All profits are for charity, divided equally between those nominated at the end of each year and last year that enabled the church to send a good total of £178 to each plus money from an occasional ‘Special Saturday’ for a specific charity.

From the beginning the group set out two aims:

‘To share the love of God to people in the community by providing a safe, inviting place for people to meet up with friends or to sit and relax after shopping’ and ‘To show our Christian care and compassion by raising funds for those in need.’

We trust these aims are still being met!