Nagging Love – Mothering Sunday

Nagging Love – Mothering Sunday


Psalm 107,
John 3:14-21


Gathering Prayer

God, our God, is rich in mercy.
By God’s mercy, we are created;
by God’s mercy, we know Jesus;
by God’s mercy, we have been saved;
by God’s mercy, we are forgiven;
by God’s mercy, we are alive
through the death of Christ
and the power of the Holy Spirit.

Prayer of Confession

Lord, we acknowledge that we have
fallen short of your goodness.
You are like the mother hen
who gathers her chicks under her wings,
whose embrace provides layers of protection
and emanates the warmth of your love and care.
We are often more self-seeking:
manipulating what we can for our own advantage
putting the desires of our stomach
above the hunger of others
using our own voices
to drown out the cries of those oppressed.
Lord, help us
to put other people above ourselves,
to assist in feeding those who hunger for justice,
and to amplify the voices of the oppressed.
Lord in your mercy, forgive us and change us.

Prayer of Thanksgiving

Creator of all,
Thank you for the many women who have inspired us in our lives. We now draw the names of these women
to our minds and bring our thanksgiving for them.
We thank you for mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, teachers, leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, and
the many other women who have, and are, positively contributing to our lives.
We thank you for endowing women with talents and gifts that benefit our families and communities.
We ask that you will bless them, be near them and strengthen them as they give expression to the potential
you have given them.
We ask this in the name of your precious Son, Jesus.


Lord, make us impatient in our journey,
restless to find the good works you have prepared for us.
Make us discontent with the pleasures of this world,
setting them aside for the joy of the kingdom.
Inspire our hearts and minds to search for you;
may we be eager to live life to the full,
and satisfied by the continual goodness of you, our Lord.


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