A letter from our minister

A letter from our minister

This post was originally part of the circuit newsletter.

Dear friends,

It was almost annoying to be bombarded with constant reminders via emails; texts; billboards; television and radio adverts about “Black Friday”, It didn’t surprise me when a twelve year old asked me to explain what “Black Friday” was all about. It is obvious that something had caught the attention of this youngster; also it was obvious that they youngster was very ignorant about what it was referring to. I have not yet come across a child who is ignorant about “Christmas” when all the adverts begin for the season.

With Christmas around the corner; the street decorations, the shops, adverts for presents, people getting new things for themselves as well as presents for friends and family, getting their homes decorated on time for Christmas, are all evidence of this special occasion. So the question is, if the journey to Bethlehem has already begun, which route are you taking?

Which junction are we looking for and is your guiding star a Satnav, a map, your memories and experience, a distinctive spell,the hearing and singing o carols with the tradition lessons and drama.

Whilst not being a shepherd and not having a lamb and not being a wise man to do you part; do what you can and bring your heart spiritually to Bethlehem

The incarnation of God through Jesus is a powerful image; one which is not very easy or simple to understand but through His grace and and knowledge from scripture we discern to believe what is a living truth.

So let us offer to the Lord our gold, incense and myrrh in our celebration; being thankful for this year which is coming to an end and trusting that the blessings of the coming New Year will bring us closer to God and we continue to seek God and His Kingdom.

Every blessing,


JMA Service