Services from May 2021

Services from May 2021

Pentecost Sunday – Hope for the Hopeless

The Pentecost story is one of hope: hope when all seemed lost to the first disciples, and a reality of hope for us still today. In this week’s service, Rev Adam will share his thoughts – and John will attempt a science experiment to show what it’s like to ‘Live in the Spirit’!

Christian Aid Sunday

Today, as we give thanks for and support the work of Christian Aid, Rev. Adam reflects on each of the three Bible readings. We do have a beautiful and wonderful world, we are spoiling it and need to act – and we need to do it in the spirit of love and because the world and each of us individually are loved by God.

All You Need is Love

Today Rajie shares her thoughts and reflections on love; God’s love, our love as expressed to God, others and ourselves. It really is the basis of everything!

Jesus, the True Vine

This Sunday we welcome Rev Claudia Lupi as our preacher. Claudia is the minister at Richmond, Barnes and Whitton. Today Claudia reflects on the image of the vine as it symbolises our relationship with God.